Kick Back and Create in Malibu

Welcome writers and closet writers! So glad you would like to gift yourself with a YOU DAY.

I have been blessed with the opportunity to work and play with writers for over 20 years – sometimes as a story whisperer; sometimes as a tuchas kicker; often as a producer or a director, always as a cheerleader, championing and nurturing creative and creative curious people.

I also have been a performer – an actress, a nationally touring stand up comic, and a solo show artist for over forty years. What can I say – l love connecting with people through artistic expression.
In 2022, I discovered the Serra retreat center. It seemed like the perfect writers oasis, and a way to travel across town but still feel a world away. Serra is a gem – an absolutely idyllic setting, which glorious views of the oceans and mountains, and chock full of inspired places to be wowed by beauty, breathe in fresh air, and write, write, write.

I hope you will join us for a delicious day of deep exhales, writing, reflecting, community, and clarity.
This workshop welcomes new and seasoned writers and is perfect, whether you are working on a specific creative project or your project is you. I am excited to spend the day together with you and your stories.

This workshop accommodates ten writers. There are a few spots left.